Mold Remediation

Prevent Mold From Spreading Through Your Home

Prevent Mold From Spreading Through Your Home

Trust us to handle your mold removal job in Bolingbrook, IL

It's no secret that mold is a dangerous substance to have in your home or workplace. Not only can mold damage your building's structure, but long-term exposure can also cause serious medical problems. Protect your family members, employees and property from mold exposure by hiring the mold removal experts at Eclipse Restoration in Bolingbrook, IL.

We'll team up with industrial hygienists and your insurance company to make sure the mold remediation process is as stress-free as possible. Call 312-375-4402 now to learn more about our services.

Before we remove the mold from your home or workplace, our crew will consult with you. During this discussion, we'll inspect your space and set the expectations for your mold removal job.

We guarantee that our mold remediation team will:

  • Use high-quality equipment to find and remove all the mold in your building
  • Target mold at its source to prevent the problem from coming back
  • Repair any damage the mold may have caused to your property

Consult with our remediation experts today to create a custom mold removal plan.